Your body knows how to give birth already.

Hypnobirthing just reminds you how.

I believe:

We CAN give birth.

We CAN trust our instincts.

We CAN birth calmly, comfortably, and confidently.

Your body already knows what it is doing. Let’s get the rest of you ready.

I believe birth is one of the heights of human experiences. During birth, a woman should feel the most powerful she has ever felt during her life. However, she is also at her most vulnerable.

Imagine a world where all women felt informed, honoured, and empowered at this time? Imagine the impact of every woman entering motherhood with a deep belief in themselves? Birth is deeply transformational stuff and Hypnobirthing can help you harness this power and utilise it during childbirth.


Hypnobirthing Australia™ Classes
(Private, Group, Skype)

Calm, comfortable, confident.

These classes are the most popular option. Learn how to have the most positive start to parenthood possible with private, group, or skype hypnobirthing classes designed to give you the preparation, positive mindset, tools, knowledge and support you need.

The Positive Caesarean Birth
(Private or Group)

All babies deserve a positive birth.

Scheduled for a Caesarean, or think you might be at risk? Sign up for a customised experience with The Positive Caesarean Birth, the world’s very first Hypnobirthing program for mothers welcoming babies via a truly revolutionary caesarean birth experience.

Hynobubs Hypnobirthing Course

Live out in Woop-Woop?

No sweat. Get the full Hypnobirthing program online with Hypnobubs and learn how to have your best birth from the comfort of your very own home. PJs encouraged.

It was such an awesome, calm labour and by far the most positive & memorable birth out of all of my 3, I only wish I knew about Hypnobirthing for my other 2. The doctors & midwives were so supportive & were amazed at how relaxed I was & how I progressed so calmly & quietly. Thanks so much for your guidance and support & for teaching me to work with my body, the contractions were so much more bearable and less intense when I focused on breathing through them without distraction. I LOVE Hypnobirthing!!! I’ll definitely be recommending you. Thanks again!

Tammy and Damo

(Twin Hypnobirth)

Have questions? Want to know how classes are run? Not sure you feel brave enough? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) and you’re very welcome to contact me directly at any time.


Don’t leave without this labour of love!​

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