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What is Hypnobirthing Australia™?

Hypnobirthing Australia™ is a state-of-the-art childbirth education program which helps mothers and their birth partners understand what to expect of their journey, in a positive way.

Using everything from science to ancient wisdom, hypnobirthing helps parents-to-be rise above unnecessary doubts, anxieties or fears surrounding birth. It empowers mothers with a positive mindset; giving her the knowledge, tools and support to inspire calmness and confidence throughout pregnancy and birth.

It is a great foundation for positive parenting and can add the benefits of improved sleep during pregnancy, a strengthened bond with birth partners, better breastfeeding outcomes and a reduced risk of postnatal depression.

My Story (And the Reason I Love This Work!)

I have always been drawn to the natural world. I used to horse ride throughout my childhood and teenage years. I think this is, in part, how I developed my intuition, patience, and connection to nature. I love being out in nature and especially love the ocean. It is where I go to seek clarity, relaxation, and power.

In 2009, I embarked on the adventure of travelling through South America. Speaking very little Spanish, I learnt to accept all walks of life and discovered the importance of facial expression and body language as a way of communicating needs and emotions (a great skill to have in some vulnerable situations!).

Six days into a seven-day detox program several years later, I came to the realisation that I wasn’t truly healthy or happy. In search of why I felt this way, I went to a spiritual healer who told me, amongst other things, that I needed to lead with my heart more. Later that day, I bought Eat Pray Love from the second-hand bookshop and discovered meditation. It was at this point that I learned you can control your thoughts and feelings.

Amongst all the travelling and soul searching, I was a medical secretary for close to 11 years. In this role, I learned how to build a genuine rapport with patients and medical professionals. After a mothers birth, I processed many accounts with medical interventions and often thought medical interventions were quite normal. In fact, there was a part of me that feared birth and planned for a caesarean when I became pregnant one day (I didn’t even have a partner at the time!). In a frank conversation with a nurse who was studying midwifery, I shared this thought process of mine. Interestingly, she was quick to point out that, while a caesarean was a great invention for saving the lives of mother and baby, it was considered major abdominal surgery and that if I could avoid it, I should.

In 2014, I became pregnant and then miscarried. I was devastated. It literally felt like someone had punched me in the stomach. I felt so much anger towards anyone who was pregnant or had children. I eventually turned to meditation, which offered me the space to grieve and to be happy again. Coming out of this experience, I started to feel the need to share this tool with everyone who needed it, and so I enrolled myself into a meditation therapy and holistic counselling course.

Later, I fell pregnant again but found that I was too scared and just couldn’t bring myself to connect with the baby for fear of being hurt again. Throughout my pregnancy, I suffered from morning sickness, felt unsupported and tired but at the heart of it, I knew I wanted to give my baby the best start possible. I wanted a natural birth. I believe that it is every woman’s right to do what their bodies are designed to do. It is how women have given birth for hundreds and thousands of years.

For me, hypnobirthing brought the joy back into being pregnant. Hypnobirthing helped me to trust my body, bond with my baby, and look forward to the miracle that was happening inside of me. It helped me get excited about giving birth. Beyond all the stuff out there about healthy eating and exercise, Hypnobirthing helped me reframe my mindset. And I got the birth I desired – a natural and positive experience where I felt like anything in life was possible.

I used to worry too much about what others thought. When asked to do something I didn’t want to do, I’d still do it for fear of hurting that person’s feelings. I soon learned that you can’t do this with pregnancy, birth or motherhood! Hypnobirthing taught me how to find my voice, and articulate exactly what I felt and wanted.


And so here’s my message to you, one mama to another…

You are unique and should be at the centre of your own birth story.

I want to help you trust your body and your innate strengths. The birth process is both vulnerable and profoundly transformational. It isn’t just about bringing a baby into this world. It is much, much more than that. Birth is also about a mother being born, whether she is conscious of it or not.

I want to help you enter motherhood feeling confident in what I know you can do.


Ready to rise up and write your own birth story without regret?

I can teach you how to tap into your strength, manage your fears, communicate your needs, and have a calm and positive birth experience. It’s actually a lot easier than you think and will only take 12 hours!

About my logo

I chose the cowrie shell as my logo to remind my clients that everything they need is already contained within. Birthing their child is coded into the very essence and fibre of their being. The folds of the vulva are found in the cowrie’s curves. Our feminine strength reflected in the beautiful sheen and resilient shell. The truth of our innate nature revealed in this small gift which rises from the mysterious, infinite, depths of the sea. The cowrie shell is, in many cultures, a symbol of motherhood, labour and birth.


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