Like the waves of the ocean – labour is powerful

But women are strong. We’re built to endure the tide. Somewhere along the line – we’ve forgotten this truth.
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My name is Melissa and I work with expectant mothers and parents-to-be to learn to ride the emotional and physical waves of birth.

If you’d like to discover evidence-based tools to reduce pain, promote relaxation and encourage labour to progress;

If you’d like to feel fully informed of all your birthing options and communicate with your caregiver in an confident manner;

If you want your partner to understand the birth you desire and be prepared to confidently support you during the process;

If you want to be in-control and have a positive birth experience no matter what path your birth journey takes;

Welcome, you’re in the right place.

Hi there!

I am Melissa Ayling, an award-winning Certified Hypnobirthing Australia™ practitioner and the owner of Hypnobirthing Geraldton. If you’re doubting your ability to confidently plan the birth you want, that’s my purpose. I see the capability in every mother. That core of steel birthright ready to step up and create a birth story they feel no regret about. Using world class hypnobirthing tools, I’ll teach you to proactively approach your birth experience so you (and your partner) feel prepared and even excited.

Hypnobirthing made my birth amazing, I’m so grateful I did it. I would do it all over again today. I still reflect on my birth and I’m so proud and happy. I have a very healthy Bub and it went as perfect as I could imagine. I would just like to thank you, Melissa, for your love and support, I feel as though you are just as important in our birth as the doctors and midwives. I will never forget all you have taught me. I’m so grateful words can not say enough!

Sophie and Jessie

Thank you so much for our beautiful hypnobirthing classes. I couldn’t wait to learn everything I could when I signed myself and my husband up. The information and knowledge Mel shared was amazing, and made me feel so open, calm and relaxed for a gentle birth. As someone that was quiet nervous about the actual birth, I think hypnobirthing took away my fears and helped me see how empowering birth is and I’m so grateful. I loved my birth and I think Mel had a huge part to play in helping me find my confidence. And to anyone wondering about their husbands/partners doing the classes, my husband LOVED them as well. It helped him understand the kind of birth I wanted and made him the most supportive partner during our birth using all our hypnobirthing tools and tips.



If you don’t know what to expect during labour, don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal that every day women and mothers feel negatively about birth – thanks, dramatic portrayals of childbirth in television! If the thought of your body doing something you’ve never done before is intimidating, and that’s mixing with all the fear you’ve inherited or picked up from society – we can replace all that with a little bit of work.

If you feel as if your voice isn’t being heard. 

If you’re leaving your caregiver appointments feeling rushed, uncertain and voiceless, you need someone on your side. If you’re shy when it comes to asking for what you desire, if you can’t seem to openly communicate about the birth you want and you’re not getting the respect you think you deserve – we can work on that too.

If your partner isn’t sure how to best support you.

Many partners experience some reluctance in supporting you simply from the sheer overwhelm of the unknown. They have the instinctual urge to protect you but are unsure how to advocate for you in a system they don’t understand. They may be pressuring you to leave birth up to the experts and agree to whatever you’ve been told.

None of this is unsurmountable. Learn how to have a voice, and use it, and be confident in your choices and your ability to have a birth with no regrets.


Don’t leave without this labour of love!​

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